Chocolate news

29 May 2018

When I lived in southwestern France in college, we called the chocolate croissant a chocolatine; when I moved to Paris, it was called pain au chocolat. The saga continues.

22 May 2018

I don’t know why this is just now coming across my desk, but today I learned that the eating of chocolate-covered pickles is on the rise. I actually, sort of, kind of, can’t wait to try this! I think.

18 May 2018

In continuing news of the feud across the pond, Hotel Chocolat has delivered an ultimatum to fancy grocery Waitrose. Whatever shall happen next???

13 May 2018

In more British news, biscuit (read: cookie) maker McVitie’s has created a special chocolate digestive intended to bring English and American cultures together to celebrate the upcoming royal wedding.

12 May 2018

Is upscale British supermarket Waitrose guilty of copying chocolate bar designs?  Independent chocolatiers Hotel Chocolat and Choc on Choc think so.

11 May 2018

Attention all Portland-area mothers and motherlovers.  Cloudforest (formerly Cocanu) is handing out complimentary* truffles or a cup of maple drinking chocolate to all mothers this Sunday. LOVE. (*I’m pretty sure in this case that means “free,” but you *might* also get told how fabulous you are 😂. You’ll just have to go to find out for sure!)

11 May 2018

Great news for Portland!  Moonstruck Chocolate is about to re-open on NW 23rd Avenue, offering tastings, classes, special workshops and more. Come celebrate their grand opening with a chocolate tasting on May 31, 6-10 p.m.

9 May 2018

In general, I’m in favor of chocolate-covered *anything,* but I imagine this Polish innovation may have trouble succeeding on the open market. . .